A Girl's Journey to Ecuador

Ina's Family

Ina lived in an apartment in Berlin with her mother, Trude, her father, Alfred, and her older brother Hellmut, or Hellmi. Hellmi was three years older than Ina. Ina’s father worked in a bank and her mother was a part-time bookkeeper for a publisher.  When they lived in Britz, they had an active social life with neighbors and friends who often visited. Once they moved to Templehof, they kept to themselves and aimed to avoid notice.  Over time, Ina’s mother’s Jewish heritage became an increasing problem for the family.

They had long had a small bungalow that her father had built in the countryside of Stahnsdorf where they continued to spend holidays and weekends and where they could continue to meet their friends. 

Many members of Trude’s extended family did not make it out of Nazi Germany and perished in the camps.

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