A Girl's Journey to Ecuador


All photographs contained within A Girl's Journey to Ecuador were taken by Alfred Juretschke (unless otherwise noted), a prolific and talented photographer.

Many thanks to Ina Juretschke for sharing her story, memories, family mementos and time.  We thank you for entrusting the authors to tell your family's journey to America.

A special thank you to Julie Sokolow, Ina's daughter, for working closely with the project team to arrange for the digitization and description of materials, making arrangements for Ina's interviews, her editorial contributions and willingness to share her family's story.

The authors would like to acknowledge the important role Western Michigan University's Center for the Humanities has played in the creation of this project. As a partnership between to Center scholars, A Girl's Journey to Ecuador represents a collaboration between two WMU faculty members united by their mutual interest in showcasing and developing innovative, rich humanities projects.

Project creator and author: Dr. Ann Miles
Content management and Scalar development: Professor Amy Bocko
Digitization services: Cecelia Moore & Melissa Ewing
Videography and editing: Stephen Kettner

For any questions about A Girl's Journey to Ecuador, please contact Professor Bocko at amy.bocko@wmich.edu.

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